‘The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.’ – Carrie Bradshaw

I went on an adventure a month ago that changed me forever, seriously. One of the many items on my life long, never ending, bucket list included a week long solo trip. I travel a ton and have been to over 25 countries, but I have never gone anywhere for more than 2 days completely alone (where I wasn’t visiting family etc).

The thought was equally thrilling and terrifying. I hesitantly booked flights to France and Italy, and the OCD in me created a color coded excel sheet with activities booked daily. The first half of my trip was in Paris, a city I absolutely love. I checked off multiple things off my bucket list – a bike ride around paris, a solo photo shoot in front of Parisian landmarks, a 5 mile run around the city…I had the time of my life. On my last night, I had an urge to twirl down the street. Mind you, it was midnight, and I was alone….but I threw all concerns of looking cool out the door and twirled down the street…did people stare at me like I was a crazy person? Absolutely. Did I care? Absolutely not. For someone who spent a good amount of my life caring about what other people think, it was so freeing to just be…free!

The second part of my trip was to Italy. I remember telling people from a young age that I was going to marry an Italian business man. Where does an 11 year old get that idea? No clue, but I was serious. I love Italy, the food, the sites, and  yes, the men. So I decided to jump on tinder, because if I’ve got to go to dinner anyway, may as well have some eye candy while I’m there.

Within hours I had six dates set…for that night. Lucas, Lorenzo, Michel…they were all eager to meet up. My friends suggested I do a bachelorette Italy edition, tell them all to meet at the same place and time, and live Instagram for my followers at home to choose who would win the date. While probably great content, I decided against it. Instead I slowly weeded out the weirdos as the day went on and settled on a date with Nico. We spent three hours together roaming the streets of Florence, he was sweet, definitely not my future husband but I had a great time. Later that night while walking around solo, a handsome Italian man literally appeared out of nowhere and started walking next to me making small talk. I get this may sound a bit creepy given I was alone, but somehow I was fine with it. Of course I kept us walking in heavily trafficked areas where I knew I’d be safe and could easily ditch him if needed. It ended up being a four hour date, and again, while not my husband…I had a great time. Two dates in one night, meanwhile back home I can’t get a date to save my life. le sigh.

The next day I woke up to seven new propositions for 9pm dinner (those Italians eat late). I ended up going out with Lorenzo, a 6′, tall, dark, and handsome attorney. He was funny, romantic, a great kisser, and I even rode on the back of his vespa under the stars…*insert cheesy rom-com music*. We made out all over the city, and if I lived there, I’d definitely date him.

All this to say, while I’m back home and still haven’t gone on a date here…there is something to be said about falling in love with you, before you fall in love with someone else. When you are truly happy…as I was on my trip…you attract more happiness. There’s so much more that happened on that trip, but above all I realized I’d been putting something off…I’ve made ‘bucket lists’ for as long as I can remember…and looking back on them post Euro-Trip as I checked off the items I’d accomplished, I realized that at the top of most of my lists is “live in italy and france for year”. No wonder I was so drawn to those places, I’d always said one day I’ll live there for a year…one day…well, what am i waiting for?!

So yes, I’ve decided to move to Italy and France for a year…next year (ahhh)! Because life is short, and one day may not come, and what are we here for if not to experience all that life has to offer and live out our hopes and dreams?! Besides, whose to say my 11 year old self wasn’t on to something when I told everyone I was going to marry an Italian business man :-).

P.S….here is a blurry pic of Lorenzo…I mean, COME ON!!!




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