“Men are bullshit.” ~ Carrie Bradshaw

I know it’s a bit harsh, but I’ve had a rough week – sue me. Scratch that, its been a rough few weeks. Let me give you some context…

A few weeks back I decided to join an online dating site. I was bored, and if nothing else it’d keep me entertained. And entertained I was…here are a few messages I’ve received:

“It takes years for something to be perfect, it took one moment to notice perfection………how u doing baby”

“Thank you for stopping by Goddess. May I be of service to you? It would be an honor to serve you. You have beautiful earlobes.”

“Hello, I’m Mark from New Jersey. Single no children or drama. Come spend tonight with me baby and you won’t forget it.”

“Are you kinky”

“I love your dominant demeanor Ms…. men should bow to you”

“Hi, would you consider dating a 62 year jewish male, fit funny, highly educated and bright? You seem wonderful but please let me know how you do on the short requirement quiz on my profile. I have confidence that you will ace it!”

There are hundreds of others, about 90% of them I disregard. Occasionally, someone seemingly normal and moderately attractive pops up – JACKPOT. We’ll exchange a few messages and even more rarely, they seem like someone I’d like to get to know, and voila! We move to the texting stage of the relationship. In the last three weeks I’ve exchanged contact info with six people. Of those six, I actually met three. Of those three, I made it past a first date with one. I was supposed to go on a date tonight with the guy who I’ve since discovered (thanks to social media) has a girlfriend of two years. He was supposed to call today to finalize plans (that I wouldnt have went on) but guess what….I GOT STOOD UP FOR A DATE I HAD NO INTENTION OF GOING ON WITH AN ASSHOLE WHO IS ONLINE DATING WITH A GIRLFRIEND!!!

I’ve reached an all time low.

Sigh. I hope you can understand my frustrations. Men aren’t bullshit…just the bullshitty ones are.

2 thoughts on ““Men are bullshit.” ~ Carrie Bradshaw

  1. Some of the messages on online dating sites are so lame. You almost want to write back and be like, “Really? Did you really think that would make me interested?”
    I kind of want to just reply back with this video from Garfunkel and Oates: http://youtu.be/AMf8xa__d9o

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